London Bridge attacker had terror conviction

London Bridge attacker had terror conviction

Roads around the scene of Friday’s attack remain shut but City of London Police Commissioner Ian Dyson says the cordon is slowly being lifted. 

He says: “We had to cordon-off and lock down a significant part of the City. We are slowly bringing those areas back to normality,

“There is a lot of forensic work going on and it will be some time before the entire scene is released, but we are looking where we can bring parts of the City back into life so that Londoners can continue their business.”

He adds: “The last thing I want is to disrupt London… We are keeping it as tight as we can. We have already moved some of the cordons on the south side of the river. 

“As soon as we can release the scene we will do, but I urge everyone to understand this is a very complex scene. 

“There are people who have died at the scene and we need to make sure we carry out that proper, thorough investigation.”


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