Netflix introduces the second Turkish Original Series starring Beren Saat

Netflix introduces the second Turkish Original Series starring Beren Saat

Netflix is gearing up for its second original Turkish series, starring local star Beren Saat. A young painter in search for spiritual answers that links her past to a symbol found in ancient ruins.

‘The Gift’ is an archaeological thriller following the life of Atiye (starring Beren Saat), a painter, who embarks on a mysterious adventure as she tries to find the connection between an ancient symbol and the secrets of her past. The Turkish original connects the spiritual world to a materialistic one as it spins in archaeological secrets and its connection to the content life of a painter. As the thin line between the modern and ancient era blurs, this mystical thriller is set to take off in Istanbul.

Release Date

Set to release on December 27, 2019, this highly anticipated eight-part mystery drama is produced by OG Medya for Netflix.


Set to start in Istanbul, where filming has begun, the series has already been commissioned by Netflix for two seasons. The synopsis for the show describes it as “A painter’s seemingly perfect life with a supporting family, an ideal boyfriend and a career-changing solo exhibition is disrupted with the reveal in an ancient temple, Gobeklitepe.”

Erhan, an experienced archaeologist discovers a symbol revealing a connection between Atiye and Gobeklitepe. The quest of unveiling the mysterious secrets within those ruins have diverted Atiye’s interests to divulge a connection between the material and the mystical world.

Netflix’s second original Turkish series ‘The Gift’ continues in the footsteps of the first Turkish original release called ‘The Protector.’

According to the Netflix announcement, the Vice President of International Originals said: “We believe that our second Turkish original series starring Beren Saat, will convey a new and exciting story from Turkey to the world. Our journey began in Istanbul with The Protector, and continues with our new series that introduces Anatolia’s natural, cultural and historical heritage from Gobeklitepe to Nemrut to our global audience. We are thrilled to be working with Beren in her return to series as she brings a dynamic female character like Atiye to life.”


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