You can finally get the Creme Egg Cadbury bar in the UK!

You can finally get the Creme Egg Cadbury bar in the UK!
Creme Eggs are generally for Easter, however this time we’re gonna make an exception because you can now get it in bar form and we think you’d all agree it’s pretty incredible.

The bar is pretty cool, it’s obviously covered in Dairy Milk chocolate with the legendary gooey creme egg centre.

They’re shipped from the land of OZ so an 180g bar will set you back £6.99 plus £1.99 for shipping.

It may seem a little bit too much for cheeky lil choccy bar, but picture this.

It’s Christmas day, you’re absolutely stuffed like a Christmas turkey, the cheese board arrives from whoever’s been slaving away all day in the kitchen. It’s not your vibe. You’ve had savoury all day. Then… AH-HA you remember you’ve bought this incredibly rare Dairy Milk Creme Egg Chocolate bar!! It melts in your mouth and rounds off the day. Perfect, definitely worth the nine quid!

If you’re feeling slightly more filled with the spirit of goodwill, you could even buy it as a pressie for someone else – but let’s face it, you’re going to be splashing out for two in that case aren’t you…

This isn’t the only rare bar you can get, you can also purchase a Caramilk bar.

Caramilk is a combination of Cadbury’s white chocolate and caramel…in case you couldn’t work that one out.

It was originally sold in New Zealand and Australia until 1994 when it was sadly discontinued.


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