Expecting 4 days of snow in London

Expecting 4 days of snow in London

It’s been a total washout this weekend followed by fairly mild temperatures, so the chances of a white Christmas are looking slim.

Christmas Day is expected to bring clear skies and highs of around 7C, which is definitely far too warm for any snow to settle.

Boxing Day will take a turn for the worse with rain expected throughout the day.

Well, forecasters  have answered our question for us and are predicting four dates that it could snow in London in January.

Here is everything you need to know.

When will it snow in London in January?

January 8

Just over a week into the New Year and we are expected to see some of the white stuff.

“Overcast, a bit of morning snow followed by a shower in spots in the afternoon,” the forecaster predicts.

January 11

Icy conditions could mean the city will be set for snow on January 11, with lows of 3C in the day and down to -5C at night.

January 14

The forecaster has said: “A morning rain or snow shower in spots; otherwise, remaining cloudy.”

Highs of 5C are expected.

January 30

Right at the end of the month, if the temperature falls just enough, we could see snow.

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