17 year old Ahmet missing from Birmingham

17 year old Ahmet missing from Birmingham

17-year-old Ahmet Ahmet has been missing since 5 January Sunday afternoon.

Ahmet’s family noted that Ahmet left home around 15:00pm to meet with his friends and is missing since yesterday.

Ahmet comes from a Turkish Cypriot family background and lives in Birmingham.

His mother Türkan Ahmet announced her son’s disappearance through social media in a plea for information on the whereabouts of her son.

Speaking to The Global Voice, Türkan Ahmet made the following statement:

“My son left home yesterday afternoon and we haven’t seen him since yesterday. He said that he was leaving to meet up for coffee with his friends, I called him 15 mins after he left and he answered however 30 mins later I couldn’t get through to him. We contacted a few of his friends but they don’t know anything, we’ve also been in contact with the police but they’ve been really careless about this situation. Therefore, we’re trying to make our voices heard through social media.”

Türkan Ahmet also noted that her son has asthma so she’s really worried about his current condition.

Have you seen Ahmet?

Ahmet left his home in his Puma jacket, the family asks those who have seen Ahmet or have any information to contact the parents through Facebook. 
Mother – Turkan Ahmet
Father – Polat Ahmet



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