‘F*k my ex wife’ now available on Spotify

‘F*k my ex wife’ now available on Spotify

Kaya Sarı, also known as ‘Big Boy Kaya’ and ‘Mr Ali’ released his new song ”F*k my ex wife.’ Subsequent to reaching 11k views on YouTube, Sarı announced the song is now available on Spotify and soon iTunes.

Born and raised in the UK, a young and talented actor and comedy sketch writer, Kaya Sarı, has become a social media phenomenon.

The 17-year-old, who makes thousands of people laugh with his voices and comedy sketches on his social media accounts, is especially known for his “Mr Ali” sketches.

Sarı, who has 10 thousand followers on his Instagram account and 120 thousand on TikTok, spoke to The Global Voice about his social media journey:

‘‘ My social media phenomenon started during the first quarantine period, it was a period when we were all at home and dealing with different fields. I also made a bet between a conversation with my friends, we all joked about who would be on social media. I started out by producing different contents and then I wrote and played sketches with the father figure of ‘Mr Ali’, which I formed from the Turkish speaking community. I’ve reached thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok in a short time. One of my clips was watched by 8.5 million people, but it was removed due to technical problems and when I shared it. Social media is the most popular platform of our age, so I wanted to use it in the most useful and effective way. I was inspired by names such as ‘Hamza Production’, ‘ManLikeHaks’ and ‘Mr Bean’ as I stepped into this journey. ”

YouTube: F*k my ex wife – Mr Ali 

Spotify: ‘Fak my ex wife’ – Mr Ali



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